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Mr. John “Sly” Wilson will present the Legend Award to:

Note: Every year “Rising Star” Music Awards, gives recognition to a Legend who is a Pioneer in the Music Industry and has helped paved the way and open doors for young Artist today. We appreciate and give thanks to all Legends that have graced our Stage in the past

In recognition of his valuable contribution to the Music Industry. As a performing member of Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. They are best known for their biggest hit on Warner Bros Records, 1970 “Express Yourself.

Presenting Charles Wright, founder of the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band a musical icon. For more than 40 years Charles Wright has created memorable music, which has apparently pleased people in many diverse ways. He is more than just an ole' school musician—he is a music historian.

Charles’ Express Yourself Television Show is a musical exploration, a history lesson which takes its viewers to their most desired destinations. It showcases five decades of his experience as an artist and a record producer, and finally the star of his own television show. "His Message"

Charles's message is "Express Yourself in all that you say and do, regardless of what others think, as long as you do not hurt or offend anyone." A simple statement, yet one that has reverberated throughout generations.